3rd Annual March Madness for MANA

Our friend, John Howard Hassmann, is kicking off his 3rd annual “March Madness for MANA” basketball pool! Last year, he raised $800 for us and this year he is shooting for over $1500 (basketball pun intended). John Howard is awesome. And he is 13. You should definitely think about getting in on this.

To join the ‘Madness for MANA’ March Madness pool, go to:

2. Enter 15342 in the Pool ID box.

3. Enter ‘hoops4MANA’ as Pool Password.

4. Fill out the entry form information.

5. Make multiple bracket picks and changes up until the 11:15 am CST deadline on Mar 21.

6. Send donation of $10 or more per bracket, cash or check (to MANA), to 531 Elmhurst, SA, TX 78209 or donate directly online.

7. Donated $200 gift card to winner and $50 gift card to 2nd place.

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