Fresh Flour One-for-One Campaign

We love hearing about the creative ways people come together to help us feed hungry kids. This week, we learned about Ariel Norquist’s business Fresh Flour in Dayton, TN. Fresh Flour mills whole grains in small batches, yielding fresh flour that is packed with nutrition. The flour is hand mixed and used to create artisan baking mixes like Perfect Pancakes, Blue Ribbon Beer Bread, Grilled Pizza Dough Mix, Golden Granola, and Snappy Snickerdoodles. Are you hungry yet?

Norquist announced a Fresh Flour One-for-One Campaign in support of MANA this week. For every Fresh Flour product that is sold, Fresh Flour will purchase  1 packet of MANA RUTF for a hungry kid in Africa. Norquist’s goal is to send $1,000 worth of MANA (18 cases) to Africa! Fresh Flour products are available to order or to purchase at the Chattanooga Market on Sundays. Track Ariel’s campaign progress on her Stay Classy page.

Thank you so much, Ariel and Fresh Flour! We dig it.

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