925 Million People Are Hungry Worldwide

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organizations reported [yesterday, September 14] that 925 million people worldwide face chronic hunger.  That means that one in six people on this earth doesn’t have enough food to grow and develop, learn, work, or thrive.

While the new numbers reflect a decrease since 2009, more people suffer from undernourishment in the world than they did in 2008–or in any other year (save 2009) since 1969–reversing a 30-year downward trend.  Thirty percent of the nearly one billion people–239 million people– live in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The most severe and life threatening condition associated with malnutrition is severe acute malnutrition, which kills an estimated 2 million children in Africa each year.  Behind the numbers are the tear-stained faces of mothers facing the loss of a child, children unable to reach their full potential, full hospital beds and empty bellies.  Mana is formulated to specifically address severe acute malnutrition, and help these kids and mothers!

The knowledge that even one life is poisoned by the pain of hunger is enough to fuel MANA’s mission; knowing that there are nearly one billion lives at stake is a painful reminder that our work is now more important than ever.

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