MANA Fast Destiny

Mark Moore is the co-founder and CEO of MANA. He writes and speaks an equal volume of insights on an hourly basis.

doorI started a “MANA fast” the other day to follow rule number one of any good CEO:  Support your own product.  If you sell Chevys, drive one. If you build houses, build your own.  If you make peanut butter, eat it.  Actually that’s a little disingenuous because I’m only on the fast for one week and the average kid being treated with MANA RUTF is on it for six.  I figure I burn about 2500 calories a day, and three packets of MANA RUTF a day will give me 1500. So, the odds of me adding a couple pounds this week –  like some of our children in the Rwaza clinical trial did last week – are probably fairly low.

Anyway, here are some of my observations after a few days on MANA:

1) I am not severely malnourished and MANA is not designed for people like me to eat as a gimmick or a game.  However, CEO rule number one prevailed against this observation and I feel woozy.

2) MANA tastes great – it’s like cake frosting, or the inside of a Reeses peanut butter cup.

3) Eating cake frosting 3 meals a day is not a sweet undertaking, even for a sweet tooth like myself.

4) Maybe we can design other supplemental foods that are not as sweet.  Adult AIDS patients who currently eat RUTF as nutritional therapy report the same as me – it tastes great, but it’s too sweet to eat for three squares a day.

I’ll report back on weight lost or gained if I make it to Friday; I suspect Dunkin Donuts has a much more effective daily weight gain plan for 6’0″guys like me.

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