February 2011 Newsletter


Dominique at day 1 and day 21 of MANA RUTF treatment.

Great progress in Rwaza

In January, we started distributing MANA to children at the Rwaza Health Center in northwest Rwanda. The fourteen children range in age from seven to thirty months. At the halfway point of the treatment regimen, we’ve documented an average weight gain of 9% and an average MUAC (middle upper arm circumference) gain of 12%. Beyond that, mothers are reporting that the children have healthier skin, brighter eyes, and more energy.

Facility Update

The complete factory layout with photos is available on the MANA website in the Diary of a Startup section. Check it out! We are working on the renovation plan for the building and have already started planting vegetables for eventual use in the MANA employee lunchroom.

Developing Peanut Supply Chain

We have been working with USAID and the US Peanut CRSP to initiate a peanut supply chain project in Rwanda. The peanuts would eventually be used in the production of MANA and other fortified foods to fight malnutrition. Our next step is to gain support from various government agencies, including the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Health, and the Ministry of Trade and Industry. Our crosscutting work here supports Rwanda’s Vision 2020, National Nutrition Plan, and the President’s Plan to Eliminate Malnutrition.

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