26 August 2010

The day starts around 5am as we have to get the kids up by 6:15 to get ready for school. I wasn’t ready for the alarm today because the neighbor’s dog barked incessantly through the night. Oh well. The kids were happy when they woke up, and we had waffles for breakfast!

I met my friend Beau Kalinda for [much needed] coffee after dropping the kids off for school. Turns out that Beau is managing a poultry project that my friend Jenise Huffman (Tyson Foods) initiated a few years ago. Small world. Turns out we have a lot of friends in common. Beau shared a lot about the need for protein in Rwanda and various ways to increase that in an affordable, relevant manner. I asked him where he would put a small factory such as MANA needs. He said he would build on his own land. I’m not particularly interested in becoming a landowner and construction manager right out of the gate, so I’m going to keep looking for a place to rent and renovate.

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