19 August 2010

Objective number one today was to get a post office box. Arriving early was surely the way to go as there was no line. At the counter I inquired about getting a box, only to be told, “They are finished.” That means there aren’t any more available. I was a bit surprised given that Kigali is a city of one million people, and this is THE post office. So, I double checked to be sure, and sure enough, there aren’t any post office boxes available for rent. “You come back in two weeks to try again,” I was told. Put it on the To Do list.

Yesterday I received an email from the Dutch Embassy telling me to come and pick up the truck. The email actually read, “Please come and pick up your car as soon as possible because it’s standing too long now at our premises. It has a flat tyre and looks dirty although it’s a nice car.” I was concerned about this because the paperwork had not been completed for me to take it; nonetheless, the Embassy insisted that I come to get the truck, so I did. The number plates (license plates) had been removed, and I was told that I should keep it parked at the house until the paperwork has been completed. That will be hard to do as we have kids to take to school, grocery shopping to do, etc.

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