13 September 2010

I learned over the weekend that the major international food company that I wrote about on 02 September has recommended that our proposals be part of their work with the UNV in 2011! So, that’s tremendous news for MANA, and their involvement will benefit the entire food industry in Rwanda.

Today I secured the TIN from RRA in just 60 minutes (it really was just 5-10 minutes once I got to the front of the line). Then I texted the TIN to our clearing agent who promptly finished the paperwork for the vehicle registration. Now, we are required by Rwanda customs to purchase a bond to guarantee any duties and taxes that could become payable on the truck at any point in the future. That’s only a few hundred dollars per year. However, the insurance company that is selling us the bond wants to require me to purchase comprehensive insurance on the vehicle, to the tune of $1,500 per year. This isn’t a legal requirement for the bond, so I’m trying to work my way through this one.

I purchased an HP office jet printer/scanner/copier today. Bonus feature is that it’s wireless! The price was the same as an all-in-one in the US. That was a pleasant surprise!

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