03 September 2010

Well, last night I received an email from the Rwanda Development Board that said our application was rejected. So I went down there first thing this morning to find out what I had done wrong and how we needed to correct the situation. After talking with Registrar General, I learned that since MANA in the U.S. is a non-profit organization, and MANA in Rwanda is being incorporated as a for-profit entity, I was supposed to register MANA Foods Rwanda Ltd. as a domestic company. Unfortunately, I had completed the paperwork for a foreign company (based on direction from RDB). The paperwork is almost identical, so I filled out the domestic company application and submitted it for approval. With Monday most likely being a holiday (Presidential inauguration), I won’t be able to get the registration certificate until Tuesday, at which time I’ll file our investment application. On Wednesday, then, we should receive our investment certificate. Once I get that piece of paper, I can go to the Rwanda Revenue Authority to register our vehicle and (at long last!) get number plates on the truck! We’re a day closer to realizing our plans in Rwanda!

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