02 September 2010

This morning I took our business registration packet – complete with notarized and certified documents – to the Rwanda Development Board. In less than 45 minutes, the paperwork was complete and I paid the 25,000 RwF ($42) registration fee. It was really very easy. Tomorrow morning I will pick up the registration certificate and file our application for investment registration. The investment registration confirms our intention to invest more than $250,000 in Rwanda and provides us with certain duty and tax incentives. By the end of the day tomorrow, our investment registration should be approved. Check back to find out.

Also, I went the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) office to meet with Fatoumata Diallo. We have been talking for several months with a large international food company to work with us in Rwanda. This particular company would like to do so but has to go through the UNV program to provide technical experts to MANA. So, we’re crossing all the t’s and dotting all the i’s. I’ll work on the proposal that we trust will open the door for food industry experts from this particular company to help MANA – and the entire food industry – in Rwanda for several years to come. Once it’s all finalized and we have approval, we’ll share with you the name of the company.

I had a tire that was losing air, so I took it back to Auto Express where I recently had new tires put on. The great staff quickly found a small leak in the stem and replaced it in less than 20 minutes. They then submerged the tire in water to ensure the new stem wasn’t leaking. It wasn’t, and I was on my way. I highly recommend Auto Express. Additionally, I asked the manager what company he uses for clearing incoming shipments and if he was happy with them. He provided the name and a great recommendation. One of the ways to get things done is to ask others who are doing similar things for contacts of people and companies whom they have found to be capable and trustworthy. It’s better than the yellow pages!

Finally, I met with a man who is an architect. He can also help to locate a potential factory location and with the designs and paperwork necessary for renovation. Just another way to keep things moving ahead!

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