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Someday, we hope scientists, economists, and politicians will solve the problem of world hunger.

Until then, there’s MANA.

We often use the words hunger and malnutrition interchangeably. It’s helpful to think of malnutrition as the clinical result of long term, unsatiated hunger. This is especially true of children, whose growing bodies are much more susceptible to becoming malnourished than adults. When malnutrition takes hold, children digress along a spectrum, with dire consequences along the way. Because malnutrition attacks in stages, we counter it with a range of products.  Some products are designed to treat the most severe cases, while others are meant to prevent or simply give moderately malnourished kids the boost they need.

RUTF is designed to therapeutically treat children ages six months and older who have been diagnosed with severe acute malnutrition (SAM). It comes in an easy­-to-open food­-grade packet, does not require added water, cooking or refrigeration, and boasts a two-year shelf life. It is easily deployed, and allows a mother to feed her child without checking into a feeding center.

RUSF is designed to treat children ages six months to five years who have been diagnosed with moderate acute malnutrition (MAM). While RUTF is meant as a meal replacement, RUSF is typically a supplement to other feeding. RUSF treats the low-­grade malnutrition that leads to stunting and a multitude of other health problems. It lowers the cost of intervention as a child only needs one packet per day – not three.

While RUTF and RUSF treat malnutrition, LNS products are designed to help prevent malnutrition. LNS products are given to at-­risk children ages six months to three years or to at­-risk women during pregnancy and lactation. Medium­ Quantity LNS (MQLNS) is similar to RUSF in its composition, but the packets are half the size. The half-­size (and roughly half­-cost) of MQLNS makes it an affordable alternative for preventing malnutrition in both kids and moms.

MANA’s HSR product is designed as a food aid intervention for children and adults not yet suffering from clinical malnutrition, but who need safe, nutritious, shelf­stable foods and who are temporarily unable to cook for themselves. It’s a fortified peanut butter with twice the protein of normal peanut butter. It provides the simplicity and ease of MANA’s ready-to-use products, but it is not specifically designed for diagnosed medical conditions.

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