What is FEWS NET?


As famine devastates nations around the globe, we’re constantly thinking about what can be done about it. While MANA can produce RUTF for victims of famine, it’s important to get our product into kids’ hands before it’s too late. That’s why we like FEWS NET. FEWS NET, Famine Early Warning Systems Network, is an activity funded by USAID that works with international, regional and national partners to provide early warning and vulnerability information on food security issues for 25 countries.

FEWS NET provides decision makers with all of the information that they need to make important and expensive choices about when and where lifesaving response is delivered. The network is evidence-based, measuring factors such as the amount and vigor of vegetation and the state of rainfall. FEWS NET also conducts livelihoods analysis to determine how and why households survive difficult times, such as famine.

Read more about this lifesaving network, here, and watch a video from USAID, here.

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