Efficacy Study Results are in!

Here’s the concluding paragraph:

The efficacy of RUTF in the treatment of severe acute malnutrition throughout sub-Saharan Africa is well documented. The quantitative results for weight and MUAC gains achieved during this study are consistent with results reported in similar studies, demonstrating the efficacy of MANA’s RUTF product for the treatment of severe acute malnutrition. Additional qualitative results also confirm MANA’s efficacy. Further, MANA’s RUTF product achieved excellent results in terms of acceptability among health care workers, mothers, and children. Acceptability is often a strong indicator of compliance and therefore success. Community Health Workers play a critical role in the identification of severe acute malnutrition and in the follow up necessary to ensure compliance with treatment. The Government of Rwanda and Ministry of Health are to be commended for their investment in these front line resources. The staff at the Rwaza Health Center with whom MANA worked on this project were informed, courteous, and helpful at all times. They treated the mothers with great respect and the children with gentleness. They sincerely appreciated the work that MANA is doing in Rwanda. RUTF is an important component of Rwanda’s strategies, policies, and plans to reduce severe acute malnutrition. The Government of Rwanda and the Ministry of Health have been supportive of the establishment of a factory to produce RUTF in Rwanda. MANA is pleased to be able to serve in this role.

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