“CNN Effect” in the Sahel, A Tale of Two Ethiopian Women Fighting Hunger

Sahel hunger crisis risks being another example of too little, too late

The Guardian, Poverty Matters Blog, June 2012

Roberto Schmidt/AFP/Getty Images

“She also expressed frustration at the inability of the world to react until the “CNN effect” – pictures of starving children on TV – kicks in.”

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Audio slideshow: A tale of two Ethiopian women fighting hunger

BBC News Africa, June 2012 

“Ethiopia is synonymous in many people’s minds with drought and famine. In some parts of the country, staying alive and healthy during the dry season without food handouts is difficult.

But in the Tigray region, a pioneering project to manage environmental resources – which conserves water and improves food security – is transforming the fortunes of some families. Meet two mothers who live a few hours’ drive apart, but whose lives are very different.”

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