Articles We’re Reading: May 14, 2012

Three Little Words, Three Little Letters

Roger Thurow, Senior Fellow, Global Agricultural Development Initiative, The Chicago Council on Global Affairs, Global Food for Thought Blog, May 11 

For many Moms, their biggest wish on Mother’s Day is to hear those special three little words from their children: I Love You. For the mothers and women farmers of Africa, they also dearly wish to hear three little letters: A-N-D. And.  It’s a tiny word, perhaps the most common of all conjunctions.  But in rural Africa, it is so often missing from the ambitions of mothers. It is the goal of mothers everywhere to provide their children with proper daily nourishment and to educate them as best as possible.

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In Niger, a Problem for Parents: How to Feed Their Children

Opinion, Lane Hartill, The Huffington Post, May 11 

President Obama and world leaders will debate the issues of our time: Syria, Iran, Afghanistan. But there’s another issue on the agenda, one that deserves a deeper think: food security. Leaders will talk about growing more food and funding agriculture around the world. These are noble goals. But growing more food isn’t enough if kids aren’t eating the right things. G8 leaders must commit to a specific nutrition goal to help the malnourished children around the world.

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Extreme Hunger in East Africa and the Sahel: Forewarned but Not Forearmed

Opinion, Andrew Wander, Guardian, May 9 

Aid agencies, humanitarian donors and UN agencies all need to change the way they work to tackle the problem. The humanitarian system is like an ambulance – it is focused on disaster response, not prevention. It is geared up to react to demonstrable need. The point of hunger early warnings is that when they sound the alarm, the needs do not yet exist. They are projections.

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