Upcycle Life: Reclaiming Materials – Transforming Lives

To “upcycle” means to extend the life of a material by turning it into a useful product without using a lot of energy to prepare the material for its next use. Meet Upcycle Life, a non-profit organization working to change the environment and lives of people here in Charlotte, NC. Upcycle aims to reduce the amount of discarded materials entering landfills each year, while putting people in our community to work.  The organization partners with local community service organizations to identify under-served individuals in the area and provide them with training and employment opportunities.

The outcome? A line of trendy cross-body bags, totes, grocery bags, clutches, notebook covers, wallets, and more. Upcycle, the MANA team would love to work with you to turn our unused RUTF packaging film into something that impacts the lives of people here at home!

Check out Upcycle’s full line of products created by people here in our community!

Find out how you can make a difference.