Surf the Web, Save a Kid

Want to save kids but can’t afford to get out your checkbook? Boy, have we found the app for you. Simply install the free Lazy Angel Browser App for your web browser and money from the small ads at the bottom of your page will go towards getting essential micronutrients to malnourished kids.

You’ll never get any pop-ups and Lazy Angel will ensure that the ads you see are relevant to you. While you surf the web, the app keeps track of your “health points” and the number of kids you are helping simply by carrying on with your daily activities. Field staffers use the money generated by your online activity to get micronutrients to kids.

Every six weeks, the average user provides 6 months of child nutrition. So what are you waiting for? Start saving lives by doing absolutely nothing, right now!

Check out Lazy Angel’s blog to read about the health projects that your health points will turn into.

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