MANA RUTF at Work in Burundi

 Juvent is 4 years old. While he looks like a regular, healthy boy now, this wasn’t the case just a few months ago. Juvent was severely malnourished, to the point where his mother, who has 10 other children, did not know what else to do and could no longer care for him. His entire body was bloated, from his feet to his stomach, head and hands. His hair was extremely thin and white. His skin was discolored and he would not eat. Thankfully, his grandmother stepped in and with the help of community volunteers brought him to the local nutrition centre. At the nutrition centre, Juvent was assessed by the nurse and given the RUTF treatment and started on a treatment plan. After only three treatments (packets), Juvent’s symptoms already started disappearing. His hair began to return to its normal color, his skin started to look healthier and most importantly, he was eating. He originally weighed 10kg before the treatment began but by the time he was finished, just a few weeks later, he weighed a much healthier 14kg! As a result, he no longer needs RUTF and has literally bounced back to life. His grandmother even noticed a change in his overall behavior. Because of Juvent’s sickness he would shy away from the other children and wouldn’t play. He wouldn’t eat and was very selective with food. Since taking the RUTF, the grandmother testified that he enjoys playing with other children and eats his food. She is so thankful that RUTF saved her grandson!

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