We wish the process of getting MANA to starving children was as direct as produce → pack →ship→distribute. But, because it is not, we rely on the generosity of all of our partners. And, at MANA Nutrition, we consider everyone our partner who helps us achieve our goal. Partners at MANA Nutrition range from funders to manufacturers to buyers to advocates.


Financial donations are critical to MANA Nutrition’s success. Funding is needed for every step of the process from production to packing to shipping to distributing. Without our funders’ generous support, MANA could not be a reality.


MANA Nutrition works closely with manufacturing partners in every aspect of the production process to ensure quality and cost-effective operations.


For logistical reasons, we rely on international aid organizations for distribution of MANA. Large aid organizations have the experience and infrastructure necessary to distribute MANA in the most effective and fast way possible. Alone, we could not reach as many children or ensure, with confidence, that our product always ended up in the right hands.

We are a grassroots organization. We believe in the power of the community and think that we can only end malnutrition together.

Our advocates are any organization or person that helps us get our message across. They range from universities that host our events to journalists that write about MANA to individuals who tweet about MANA.

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The need for a broad supply base for RUTF in both developed and developing countries is critical, to meet the demand from an increasing number of countries that are scaling up the treatment of children with severe acute malnutrition.
– Steve Jarrett
Deputy Director
UNICEF Supply Division