MANA is about nutrition and nourishing children… not just saving lives but keeping brains growing. To accomplish that goal, we want to foster an environment that professionally, spiritually, emotionally and intellectually feeds and nourishes a motivated team. So while our job at MANA is certainly about aggressively gaining market share, just like other companies, it is equally about keeping the MANA ETHOS vibrant and alive so we can be healthy and nourished and growing. We also believe that if we want a wider world to catch on to our vision, we can’t be a malnourished nutrition company. Malnourished kids are those who are so deficient that they have ceased to be hungry. Accordingly, we do not want to cease to be hungry.


  1. Culture: We will grow with an increasing focus on our village-wide culture. We will track it and we will be purposeful in living out the idea that: “we want our village to be a community that also happens to be a company.”
  2. Big Picture: We will focus on “what is the means?” and “what is the end?” The means is having adequate profit and returns in order to build a place that is a rewarding place to work. The end is serving as many kids as possible over a long, sustainable time frame.
  3. Work/Life Balance: We will strive to engineer our MANA work and our personal work.
  4. Dream: We will dream big and speak our dreams out loud.
  5. Grow people: We prepare our people for life and continuously improve them. As much as we hope no one will leave, we want to empower them to pursue dreams within or outside. Accordingly, we will never be stingy and protective of MANA over their personal good and professional growth. At the same time, our personal good and growth will not supersede the good of hungry kids.

Open Positions

Director of Finance (PDF Download)

Posted on 11/1/2012 with target date to fill this position by the end of November.

The Director of Finance and Administration provides leadership, management and oversight for all fiscal activities related to the operations of MANA. The duties will include general accounting, fund accounting, cost accounting, internal auditing, budgetary developmentand control, financial analysis and forecast, cash flow monitoring, and development of monthly status reports.

This position will be directed by the Chief Executive Officer of MANA. This position will be located in Charlotte, NC. Main Duties include:

  • Develop organization’s annual budget and cash flow projections.
  • Oversee preparation of regular financial statements/reports (to include accounts payable reconciliation, accounts receivable reconciliation, cash flow report, and balance sheet audits), annual or other fiscal reports for each program as required by funding agencies or senior management.
  • Develop and implement cash flow, pricing, and forecasting models for manufacturing processes.
  • Oversee charitable solicitation registrations.
  • Oversee administration of payroll and benefits.
  • Work with auditor(s) in the preparation of annual Audited Financial Statements and tax returns.
  • Perform analysis of general ledger to include: cash disbursements, cash receipts, accounts payable, month­end payroll summary, accounts receivable summary, journal entries for adjustments to the general ledger, and invoices.
  • Review and adjust as necessary fiscal policies and accountability and control procedures (including the cost accounting system), and analyze and report variances.
  • Managing federal and private grants including utilizing federal invoicing system, overseeing reimbursement and fund distribution processes, and establishing indirect cost rate.
  • Allocate administrative and indirect costs in accordance with current allocation plan.
  • Assessment of risk management and public support calculations.
  • Develop long­term sustainability and growth strategies and provide guidance to the CEO.
  • Manage accounting and reporting modules of Netsuite Enterprise System and perform on­going analysis of software needs
  • Train, supervise, and evaluate Accounting and Finance Department personnel.
  • Monthly travel to MANA’s production facility in South, GA. Occasional international and domestic travel as well.

Recommended Qualifications:

  • Master’s degree in accounting, finance, or business administration
  • 5­-9 years of hands­-on accounting/financial management experience with at least 5 years of experience in a supervisory capacity
  • Ability to manage complex funding sources and issues 
  • Manufacturing and cost accounting experience preferred
  • Strong computer, communication and organizational skills
  • Working knowledge of Federal accounting and audit requirements and of grant budget preparation
  • Non­profit experience preferred
  • Leadership and initiative in identifying and addressing emerging problems
  • Knowledge of finance, accounting, budgeting, and cost control principles including Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
  • Knowledge of automated financial and accounting reporting systems
  • Work requires professional written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills
  • Demonstrated ability to interact professionally with vendors, federal officials, outside partners preferred

To Apply: Please submit a resume and cover letter to No phone inquiries please.