Happy Holidays from MANA Nutrition!

This Christmas, MANA is inspired by moms all over the world who, like the mom in the first Christmas story, nurture, care and sacrifice for babies born under less than ideal circumstances. For the kids that you help us to save by supporting MANA, that circumstance is Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM). Children suffering from SAM are literally on the brink of death. The good news is that SAM is preventable and also treatable.

That’s where you and MANA come in. Your support allows MANA to provide moms with ready-to-use therapeutic food (RUTF), which helps their babies to grow healthier and stronger. We believe some of these babies will grow up to help change the world, just like the baby in the first Christmas story did. None of this would be possible without your friendship and generosity.

Meet Marvin.


Sure, his cheeks were round and pudgy when we first met him, but his legs and arms told the truth: he was severely malnourished. A few months past his second birthday, Marvin couldn’t speak. Or walk. Or crawl. His tiny limbs couldn’t support his body. He looked a year younger than he really was. But after a few weeks of MANA, Marvin started jabbering, walking and he gained more than two pounds. Thank you for embodying the Christmas spirit throughout the year by supporting MANA and kids like Marvin.